Funded PhD position in HCI for Digital Health

We are currently looking for a candidate with background in Human-Computer Interaction to undertake a funded PhD in the area of HCI for Digital Health as part of the D-real Centre for Research Training. The PhD will focus on apps to support psychotropic medication management and tapering. Applications will open shortly through the d-real website:

Title: Designing apps to support psychotropic medication management and tapering

Supervisory Team: Gavin Doherty, TCD (Computer Science) / Jane Walsh, NUIG (Psychology) / Cathal Cadogan, TCD (Pharmacy)

Psychotropic medications, such as antidepressants, are widely used in the treatment of mental health disorders, and can be a valuable approach. However, evidence supporting long-term use is often lacking and can be seen as inconsistent with a recovery-oriented approach which emphasises service user engagement, respect for autonomy and personhood. Previous research on technology supports for people taking medication have not focussed on the use of psychotropic medications, and the majority of the existing literature on the topic has focussed on medication adherence. This PhD studentship will examine the design of technology to support people taking psychotropic medication, taking a more holistic view, looking at safe and managed medication tapering/discontinuation as well as adherence and management. It will involve work with multiple stakeholders, including clinicians, user groups and people who use or have used these medications. The PhD will be centered in Human-Computer Interaction, with interdisciplinary input from a supervision team which involves academics in Psychology and Pharmacy.