Irish HCI Summer Workshop – Tuesday 1st August 2023

The HTD team hosted the inaugural Irish HCI Summer Workshop on campus last month, with over 20 HCI researchers from around Ireland in attendance.

The workshop focused on HCI research methods, and the intention was to provide an informal environment to share and discuss the various methods we are using, and to network with others in the Irish HCI research community.

The day consisted of four short presentations in the morning from researchers sharing what they feel is powerful, uniquely valuable, or difficult about the research methods they are using in their own work.

After a coffee break we ran a World Café session where we collaboratively decided on key areas that are important to us as a HCI community, and then discussed these topics in small rotating groups. The topics ranged from diversity and support to our values and the practical impact of our work.

In the afternoon we all took part in a hands-on session where we learnt about an innovative visual research method, Photo Voice, and worked in small groups around the topic of responsibility.


10:00 Welcome and introductions

10:20 Rob Bowman: Using Thematic Analysis in Healthcare HCI

10:40 Diego Garaialde: Linear-Mixed Effects Models for Lab Experiments

11:00 John Twomey: Qualitative research methods in social media research

11:20 Sarah Robinson: My experience of Forum Theatre as method

11:40 Coffee break

12:15 World Café workshop

13:15 Lunch

14:30 Photo Voice: Participatory Action Research workshop (Sarah Robinson)

17:00 Social

Organising committee:

Jacinta Jardine, TCD

Camille Nadal, TCD

Kevin Doherty, UCD

Sarah Robinson, UCC

Conor Linehan, UCC