Postdoctoral Research Position on Human-AI Interaction for Security

Postdoctoral position in Human-AI Collaboration for Sustainable Security

The School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin ( is looking for applications for a 2-year Post-doctoral research position in the area of Human-Computer Interaction for sustainable adaptive security, with a particular focus on designs which support Human-AI collaboration.


As computers come to be used in every aspect of our lives, computer security has become a pressing issue, impacting on us both in terms of threats to our privacy and livelihoods, and in terms of the burden imposed by efforts to protect ourselves. It is of particular importance in areas such as healthcare technology and cyber-physical systems. The increasing burden of managing the ever-evolving threats to these systems motivates the search for more sustainable solutions. In particular, research is ongoing on adaptive and AI driven solutions which both identify threats and also act to counteract them. However, fully autonomous systems are neither feasible nor desirable, and careful consideration of the collaboration between stakeholders and AI/adaptive agents is needed in order to produce systems which genuinely help to alleviate the burden of threat monitoring and mitigation, whilst also being acceptable to all users of the system.


The postdoctoral researcher will explore the design of these systems, including interfaces for monitoring, decision making and security controls, as well as acceptability to a variety of end-users. The role will involve user-centered design work with a range of stakeholders within application areas such as digital health, and dissemination of the research through the publication of articles in high quality venues, and research presentations. The role will involve collaboration with a multi-disciplinary project team, and opportunities to develop supervision skills. The successful candidate will also be a member of the Lero Research Centre for Software, and will participate in scientific and research dissemination activities as part of the centre. 


The researcher will have a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, and a publication profile appropriate to their career stage which reflects a track record of high-quality research. Previous experience in the area of Security, Software Engineering, and Human-AI collaboration are desirable but not required. 

Location and Team

The researcher will be based in the Healthcare Technology Design group at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin ( Situated in the centre of Dublin, Trinity College is a 400-year-old University with a large and active research profile in Computer Science. The position is part of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, and the researcher will join a multidisciplinary team including Dr. Liliana Pasquale at University College Dublin, Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh at Open University, Prof. John McCarthy at University College Cork, and Dr. Gavin Doherty at Trinity College Dublin.


The post is being offered for 24 months on a full-time basis, at point 2B on the Senior Postdoctoral Researcher scale (approx ?47,764 p.a.).

To apply, please email your CV and contact details for two references to, quoting “Lero-SAS” in the subject line. Please use this address for queries also.