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How does one become a postdoc? Part 2: MSCA COFUND Postdoctoral Fellowship

I work as a postdoc, but how did I come to this? How does one become a
postdoc? Here is the second part of the answer to this question; please,
see the first part here: How does one become a postdoc? My story (part 1).
Towards the end of the PhD, everyone starts thinking of “what’s next”.
There are different paths one can take after adding a Dr to their title. In
computer science, you are often asked whether you want to stay in academia
or switch to industry…


Machine Learning for Outcome Prediction

Machine learning methods have the potential to enable the development of more personalized approaches to treatment of mental health conditions. Digital treatment delivery may be particularly amenable to the application of these techniques. I am delighted to be a co-author of a paper from a cross-disciplinary international team, published in World Psychiatry. The paper examines the potential of machine learning to provide outcome predictions for mental health treatment, as well as considering ethical challenges surrounding the use of these techniques.… Read more